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Dining Table Set Online

Dining Table Set Online In India

A comfy place to eat is very important in any home. Dining table is the place where friends and family come together spend some time and also enjoy some tasty food. Take ample time to research and buy a right one, as dining table can be a expensive investment.

The dining you would choose should be strong, should have good seating capacity and also should suit your room size.

Also have a look on factors below before you take a decision


This is the important factor to consider while you choose the dining table; if the material is durable then your table will last.

You can select the table made of hardwoods like Sheesham and teak. Materials such as engineered or composite woods are quite durable but are not as strong as a hardwood.

Measure the Room:

Measuring the room is important for dining table specially if it’s smaller dining room. Maintain 3 feet space between edges and walls so that you have ample space to move around.

Table Height and Width:

Your Dining table should have standard height range of about 28” – 30” tall which is enough spacious for you above knee and same level to elbows when you sit.

List of Dining Table Set Online In India

1. Furniture World Dining Tables

Furniture World is a well-known and very reliable furniture brand of India is known to bring comprehensive and magnificent piece of furniture.

Its 2 seat dining table set looks elegant and takes minimal space. A rare combination that every contemporary Indian home needs. One of the best Dining Table Set Online available on amazon.in

The wood used in furniture is Sheesham. It can be considered at par with oak and teak in terms of harness and durability, but comes at a cheaper rate. Its modern look can blend well with any type of interior décor

Few more features 

  1. The chairs weight only 9kgs and the table 40 kg, making it easy to handle and more portable
  2. The complete set is handcrafted and hand-painted giving it a touch of authenticity and uniqueness
  3. The height of the table is approx 30-inch and width is 45-inch, and the chairs have dimension of 34-inch long and 17.5-inch wide. Which means the dining set can be easily accommodated in a smaller than average room of 10-by-12 feet dining room.

2. Corazzin Dining Table Sets

Corazzin is a global level brand. Coming originally from Italy, this furniture brand has been offering classic furniture to the world since decades. 

Standing true to its claim of offering a versatile furniture set, this brown colored Corazzin two seater dining set will fit well with any colored interiors. another best Dining Table Set Online available on amazon.in

The product also boastes of its best quality, as it is made up of Sheesham wood, a type of hardwood deemed for its durability. 

Few more features 

  • multiple seating options in this brand – 2,4 and 6 seaters.
  • Sheesham wood is easy to avail in India, lowering the manufacturing cost, thus a affordable price. 
  • The table has an upper polish which protects it from water spills. 

The dimensions of the two seater dining set are similar to Furniture World – 45-inch long table, which is 30-inch wide. Chairs are 17.5-inch long and wide, making it good choice for smaller space. 

3.Rectangle Dining Table

Damen Dining Table is ideal for small family size. This table has a seating capacity four persons. It measures 48 inches W X 30 inches D X 29 inches Height. It has a two-tone finish making it perfect with two-tone chairs.

It is brown in color and made of solid wood. It is the best wood for the dining table. The four white legs are extra strong and durable.

Few more Features

  • The dining table is easy to assemble. All you need to assemble comes with the package. Screw the legs directly different washers and the table is ready.One of the best Dining Table Set Online available on amazon.in
  • It is made of solid wood, the white legs of the table with its clean design offers unmatchable durability
  • It can be used in the kitchen, living room, bedroom,  dining room and at any other room
  • The Dining table can comfortably seat four persons

4.    Zenus Jen Modern Wood Dining Table 

If you have a budget, this table is ideal for you. It has a mid-century modern look. Measuring 47.2 inches Width x 29.5 inches D x 29 inches Height, the table is suitable for a family of four. It is perfect for home with any decor style. It brings elegance and style to your kitchen. The table is built with strong wood construction for longetivity but it requires assembly. It is made in espresso finish making it easy to clean. Package does not include chairs. Hence its best Dining Table Set Online available on amazon.in

Few more Features

  •  Its construction is very strong for long-lasting use.
  • Assembly is very easy. You only attach the legs to the metal brackets with screws.
  • Its espresso finish makes it look beautiful which can fit any decor style in your home.
  •  This table can fit into a very small space making it a great space-saver.

5. Coavas Kitchen Dining Table 

The table’s modern design style brings attractiveness with its well-rounded shape. It has a small space design making it perfect for small spaces. It is made from beech wood with the black tabletop finish. Black can be the best finish for the dining tabletop. This is dining table can be used for multiple things. It can be used in the kitchen as a dining table or in office as an office leisure table, living room coffee table and meeting or conference table.One of the best Dining Table Set Online available on amazon.in

few more Features

  • The Eiffel beech wood tower legs with embedded screw design provides sturdiness and durability
  • The four legs of the table have foot-resisting pads to prevent floor from scratching.
  • Its improved thickness from its previous model making it able to resist scratches
  •  It is a workstation, office leisure table, kitchen table, living room table, and meeting table
  • The design is modern and stylish to complement any kitchen decor

6. Mamta Decoration Dining Table Sets

The first thing that we noticed in this Dining Table set is that unlike Furniture World and Corazzin this is a four seater.

This furniture has been designed uniquely. The chairs have a long flowing, curved back support that looks modern and provides comfort to the user.

Different from the previous two, Mamta Decoration offers a four seater dining table set. 

The chairs come with attached cushions, and hence can be used for multiple purpose like in living rooms, or while working or ideal sitting. Another best Dining Table Set Online available on amazon.in

Mamta Decoration also guarantee the quality and durability of the furniture, as it is made out of Sheesham wood. Sheesham is one of the best hardwoods found in Indian soil.

Few more features

  • The set has an extremely modern and contemporary look that will lighten any empty space.
  • You have a choice in the shades of the wood from Honey Teak Brown to Dark Walnut .
  • Even the cushions come in variety of colors like Cream and Teal.

7.RjKart Dining Table Sets      

If you are looking for something delicately designed, a furniture that looks lavish, then RjKart Dining Table Set is the dining set you need.

With design, the four seater dining table offers cushioned chairs, making you feel absolutely comfortable when you sit. 

The table is square in shape, which means the set will occupy comparatively less space. 

Apart from design and comfort, RjKart dining table also offers sustainability. The wood used to make this is Sheesham wood, and like we know it is the best quality wood available in the India.

Few more features:

  • Its honey finish makes the dining set look attractive and beautiful.
  • The carved delicate design adds to the beauty.
  • Another benefit is that you can also use the chairs for your living room or while working.

The Dublin dinette(DLT) table is the ideal for small dining spaces. It can perfect either as a kitchen dining or a room dining table. It measures 42 inches Length x 42 inches W x 29.5 inches Height. It has a beautiful single pedestal and two drop leaves. The rich finish of black and cherry makes it attractive. This is the best type finish for the dining table. It is made of Asian solid wood from top to bottom, this round table brings comfort and well as sturdily. The top is almost one-inch thick and strong. It can accommodate four persons easily.

Few more Features

  • The table is very easy to clean. You can use water and soap with a clean cloth. Do not use any harsh substance
  • It has to be assembled with all assembly accessories included in the package
  • Its black and cherry finish makes the table perfect for any kitchen dining room décor or living room
  • This is a multifunctional table that can be used in the room, studio, kitchen, office, or restaurant
  • If space is the issue you have, then worry no more because this table is well suited for small spaces

9.Shree Jeen Mata Enterprises Dining Table Sets

This Shree Jeen Mata Enterprises Dining Table set is something different for you to take.

The design is none like what we have added in our list of ‘Best Dining Table Sets’ earlier. Why?

Because Shree Jeen Dining Set consists of 3 chairs and a bench that comes along with glossy table top, making the set look stylish and attractive. 

This Honey Teak Brown dining set is carved from Sheesham wood. Sheesham wood is best when it comes to making long-lasting furniture. 

Few more features

  • The glossy table top doesn’t let dust settle or water seep inside the wood which makes it easy to clean
  • Also the gloss finish makes it very easy to maintain and clean 
  • The chairs and the bench have a wider base.

Hope this list of Dining Table Set Online will help you buy best for your home.

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