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Music is the best solution to all problems and goes with all our different moods – happiness. Sadness, romantic, melodic, party mood and so on. So are you trying to find the right wireless speaker within your budget that matches your taste, style, and requirements?? Then this article will be surely helpful to you! We have compiled the top 10 Best wireless speakers available- both indigenous and international. You will find everything that you need to know before you choose the perfect speaker.

PRICE- Rs. 7,999

  • This product holds the 1st rank in the list  BEST WIRELESS SPEAKERS.
  • It has a Solid bass and timing, With a Great sense of acoustics
  • Easily portable and does not take much space.
  • Features: Bluetooth v4.2, Party Boost for multiple connections to Part Boost enabled JBL speakers, IPX7 rated.
  • Dimensions: HxWxD (cm): 7.4 x 18.1 x 6.9 ; Power:  20W
  • Has a Party Boost stereo pairing
  • Although it has no aux-in or microphone or Connect+ compatible, it is a great product.
  • Connections: USB-C charger
  • It offers an amazing sound system.
  • The solid sonic chops that JBL has managed to deliver at this level simply cannot be denied.
  • It is a great product at a cheaper price.

Price- Rs. 16,200

  • This product holds the 2nd rank in the list  BEST WIRELESS SPEAKERS.
  • It comes with a Charging cradle, Wall charger and a Cable
  • It has – 3.5-mm auxiliary along with Micro-B USB port
  • Its Wireless range is up to 9 m (30 ft.)
  • Has Battery life up to 10 hrs.
  • Power rating: 100–240 V
  • It is Compact with great volume.
  • Sound Quality is amazing.
  • It is Durable, Easy to Use and is of good Compatibility
  • It has DUAL PASSIVE RADIATORS, which delivers surprisingly deep low notes and face in opposite directions to minimise vibrations.
  • Has HIGH-EFFICIENCY TRANSDUCERS– These transducers in the SoundLink Mini II speaker move twice as much air for their size as typical transducers—and more air movement means more powerful sound.
  • It also delivers full, natural sound with dramatically deeper bass than you’d expect from an ultra-compact speaker.
  •  It also features a built-in microphone for taking calls and makes easy wireless connections at anytime, anywhere.
  • Exclusive technology

PRICE- Rs. 5,499.00

  • Indie 4.1 Speaker has an LED Display along with multi connectivity options like BT/SD/USB/ MMC with an AUX Support
  • It has a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase.
  • It has Musical LED – people who love calming light with sound will definitely fall in love with it.
  • It has a splendid design along with LED lights to entertain you completely
  • It has a fully functional remote control along with an in-built FM radio system.
  • Features- Bluetooth, USB & AUX connectivity, in built  FM Radio, SD/MMC, Remote Control
  • It comes with easy control. Comes with Play, Next/prev button, Mode Change button
  • It has a Memory size of 32GB
  • This is the 3rd in the list of BEST WIRELESS SPEAKERS.
  • Total Output Power (RMS) 105w. Subwoofer-45watts. Satellite 15*4watts
  • Frequency Response Subwoofer : 40Hz – 150Hz,
  • Satellites : 150Hz – 20kHz
  •  BT pairing name : ZEB-INDIE
  • Its exterior has overall glossy finish and has USB/SD file format support-MP3 & USB & SD device max.
  • It is a good product with a reasonable price.

PRICE- Rs. 9,749

  • It has a powerful and well-balanced sound as compared to its size and price.
  • It has Bluetooth connections, multi-room, Wi-Fi connection, and a speakerphone.
  • It has mono channels.
  • 3.5mm physical connections
  • Voice assistant- Amazon Alexa.
  • It is a very compact wireless speaker, easily portable, and good quality.
  • Although Alexa can be a bit awkward at times compared to Google assistant but gets the job efficiently.
  • This is the 4th in the list of BEST WIRELESS SPEAKERS.

PRICE- Rs. 44,065

  • It is Stylish and unobtrusive
  • It is Solid, and has  sophisticated sound
  • Alexa  is well integrated
  • Although it has No hi-res audio, it has room-filling sound.
  • It stands out among all the speakers that are smart first and speakers second.
  • Sonos sound quality meets Alexa voice control smarts
  • This model fits seamlessly into a multi-room set-up and is definitely a winner.
  •  Features: Wi-Fi, Alexa voice assistant, Deezer, Tidal, AirPlay 2, multi-room, Apple Music, Gaana.


PRICE- Rs. 19,899 . EMI system is available- Rs. 946/month

  • High-excursion Woofer with custom amplifier and Array of seven horn-loaded tweeters
  • This model has Six-Microphone array for far-field Siri, and is also Stereo pair capable.
  • For automatic bass correction, it has internal low-frequency calibration microphone.
  • Has direct and ambient audio beam forming.
  •  Transparent studio-level dynamic processing
  • Touch accommodations with 1-year warrant
  • Available in two colours- white and black.
  • 360 degree sound coverage, Real-time studio-level processing
  • It has a Designed A8 chip which orchestrates all the remarkable audio innovations inside HomePod like advanced signal processing.
  • Compatible with all apple products.
  • It automatically tunes itself to give you an optimal sound wherever it is placed. You can also pair it with a second homepod to create a mind-blowing stereo experience.
  • It has Siri as voice assistant which makes it easy to multitask with just your voice.
  • The quality of sound is fantastic and the bass is super good for such a small speaker. It is a must have if you are in the apple ecosystem.

PRICE- Rs. 1,299

  • It is available in three different eye-catching colours- black, orange and blue. Hence you get to choose your favourite colour.
  • It can be wirelessly connected to Bluetooth devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablets to playback any music collection of your choice stored on them.
  • It has a powerful battery of 1500mAh, and can work for up to 10 hours without being connected to the main supply.
  • The system delivers a powerful sound, high quality music, and gets rid of distant wiring constraints as well.
  • It is the perfect companion for you whilst travelling, camping, on the beach or in the park.
  • No loss of audio performance.
  •  It has Integrated Controls with a multi-function button and volume buttons that allow for easy interface, ensuring that nothing stands between you and your favourite music.
  • Speaker type – MONO; IPX Rating- IPX6 water resistant, Impedance- 4 ohm; Frequency Response- 180 Hz-20KHz; Driver Type- Inner Magnet.

PRICE- Rs. 5,000

  • It has Wireless music streaming over Bluetooth with one touch listening via NFC
  • You can Double-up and get stereo sound with Speaker Pairing function
  • A compact, wire-free design with integrated rechargeable battery – 12h Battery Operation, you can take it anywhere.
  • Features- Hands-free calling.  You can make and answer calls wirelessly from your smartphone straight to your speaker very of the best wireless speakers.
  • Have a small speaker, big sound, with 10W power output, deep bass dual passive radiator, and 1- year warranty.
  • It is of good value for money, amazing experience and will definitely make you fall in love with it.

PRICE- Rs. 1,999

  • It is available in two colours- black and grey.
  • It has a 1-year warranty, Bluetooth Speakers, and Micro-USB cable.
  • It is compatible with popular smartphones and tablets, although  some functions may not be supported depending upon your phone, tablet and/or application
  • It can keep playing for up to 5 continuous hours between recharges, and keeps the party going.
  • You can pair X50 with your Bluetooth wireless music device, or use a 3.5 mm jack to connect other players
  • Experience loud, exceptionally clear sound from a compact size and also has a Power Rating (RMS): 3 W.
  • It is affordable and is portable, long-lasting, durable, very clear sound and has a good design.
  • If you are looking for a speaker within 2k then this is definitely the best choice
  • Linn Series 3

PRICE- Rs. 2, 81,000

  • It is an eloquent sounding and singular looking speaker.
  • Detailed, controlled, immediate and convincing sound, amazing bass.
  • Although it is expensive, it is by far the best wireless speaker that is available in the market.
  • It has an Apple AirPlay, Bluetooth 5.0, Exakt digital engine.
  • It has an impressive stone finish and a shapely of the best wireless speakers.
  • It is wonderfully articulated, luxury design, has wireless integrated Linn DSM player, no analogue inputs,
  • Linn Exakt aims to reduce phase errors by intentionally delaying higher frequencies so they arrive at your ear at the same time as lower frequencies. It also keeps the music signal’s data in the digital domain for as long as possible to avoid any degradation caused by signal processing.

Thus, we come to the end of this article. Hopefully you have benefited from this article and have found the right speaker you have been looking for. Check out our best headphones range.

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