Best Watches for Men India

Best Watches for Men India

            Watches weren’t always as convenient to carry as they are now, they were either attached to a chain or were always in one’s pocket. We’ve come a far way from pocket watches to a plethora of modern technological advancements in the contemporary wristwatches.

Now there is a buffet of watches to select from, but just like other articles, watches are not just functional but they represent a part of your personality. When buying the best watches for men India, remember to keep in mind its display, weight, and cost among other things first.

Best Watches for Men India

Let’s have a detailed look with additional features about the best watches for men India:

Skmein is a brand that not only deals in men’s watches but also makes personal care appliances like trimmers, torch lights, etc. Skmei’s slogan is “Show Off Your Sporty Side” and they deliver. Draw attention when you tell the time with this Skmei MW56A Sports Men’s Watch which is considered one of the best among men’s watches. This will be a trendy addition to your style wardrobe. one of the Best Watches for Men India.

Technically this company has been in the business of watchmaking since 1985 under different names and activities, however, they were finally established as Timewear in 2005 and since have won the loyalty of their customers. Timewear 1283 Military Series Men’s Watch is one of the many watches that are popular among young adult men.

Just like Skmei MW56A Sports Men’s Watch, this has a Digital-Analog display with a 12 or 24-hour cycle. It weighs only 55 grams because of its silicone material band that is water-resistant. Finally, you can buy this for the price of Rs. 619/- from the original MRP of Rs. 3,499/- which is an absolute steal. Other features include an alarm function and an EL Light button.

Think about Timewear & Beyond. They have decided that their strategy is not only to sell watches, but their goal is to create a masterpiece that is special, unique, and exclusive. This brand was established in the year 2005, and they have hired qualified professionals who are dedicated to harnessing the passion for the creation of exceptional timepieces.

Timewear 1283 Military Series Men’s Watch is a digital-analog dual display wristwatch that has a dial color of black and a dial shape like a circle. It weighs only 55 grams and comes in colors such as black, green, and brown. They are installed with alarms, date and calendar, countdown option, and many more. Buy this on Amazon for the price of Rs. 619/- and get a heavy discount of Rs. 2,810/- reduced from the original price of Rs. 3,499/-. Another Best Watches for Men India.

Timewear cherishes the beauty and emotionality of classic watches. This brand strives to provide accuracy and quality every time through timepieces that have an everlasting style such as the ones in their online collection. These watches reflect the whole Indian watch industry also known for their precision and timing.

Redux & Co. name is taken from the Latin word, Redux meaning insurrection. They make watches with a fusion of old and the new, their products are heavily inspired by the WW2 pilot’s watches but they have added high-performance features to make them modern. Redux RWS0216 Day & Date Functioning Men’s Watch is a perfect example of this.

With a classic Analog display along with a date and time display, this watch is appealing to a lot of men. With its weight around 45 grams mostly because of its thin leather bands, it is not only lightweight but also looks expensive. This watch comes with an absolute mind-blowing offer of Rs. 299/- knocked off from its original price of Rs. 2,199/- on Amazon and gets a discount of Rs. 1,870/-. 3rd Best Watches for Men India.

When bought on Amazon it also offers free home delivery and thirty-day return policy. This is ranked as number one on Amazon’s bestseller list of wristwatches for men. Redux RWS0216 Day & Date Functioning Men’s Watch has a glorious rating of 3.5 stars on Amazon from over four thousand reviewers from over India.

Timex is one of the few watchmaking companies that have been working since the nineteenth century and are still relevant today. Timex has been manufacturing watches since 1854, and their slogan today is “Out quality is our promise.” They make authentic timepieces with accuracy and warranty. Timex is a company of passionate watchmakers, obsessed with craftsmanship and thoughtful design.

When you buy a Timex wristwatch, it becomes a unique expression of your personality. It is the mission of Timex watchmakers that are exclusively crafted and designed to be worn only with confidence. You can buy this for the cost of Rs. 1,930/- on Amazon, a little pricey when compared to other watches on this list but worth its price. another Best Watches for Men India.

This is also the lightweight watch on this list with only 31 grams mainly because of its leather band and delicate base. This also comes with a dual Digital-Analog display and it is water-resistant too. One of the most defining features of Timex Expedition MF13 Men’s Watch is its ratchet top ring with an elapsed timer ring.

Whatever old is new now! Casio was a brand very popular for their rectangular digital watches in the nineties, they were considered the future. Casio has been making important things that you want to keep close to you. Buy a wide range of products such as handheld terminals, projectors, cash registers, label printers, calculators, and many more.

Two words that describe Casio Youth-Digital F-91W-1DG D002 Men’s Watch are reliable and durable. Made with biodegradable plastic, ISO certified and trusted Japanese quality, Casio watches are not only for men but also women. Relive your nostalgia with this Casio Youth-Digital F-91W-1DG D002 Men’s Watch for the price of Rs. 895/-. It weighs 140 grams only because of its bulky design and resin material. One of the Best Watches for Men India.

This has a classic display with a retro feel. Other features include its Quartz watch movement by which it keeps time watch, ten meters of water resistance depth, a two-year warranty from the manufacturers, a smart buckle clasp, and a resin strap. This wristwatch has been ranked amongst Amazon Choice’s best products.

You can trust Swisstone because of two major reasons, they have been in the watchmaking business for the last three decades using their experience as an advantage over other newer brands, and they not only make watches for a functional purpose but also as a fashionable accessory both for men and women. Swisstone BRW385 Men’s Watch is an authentic product that everyone desires.

It weighs 200 grams only because its bands are made of genuine leather. It has a classic analog display which is something to be cherished in today’s digital world. Get a shocking discount and buy this watch on Amazon for the simple cost of Rs. 379/- brought down from its original cost of Rs. 2.399/-. Its appearance is a two-toned brown color, which is appealing to the eyes.

The display also showcases day and date and comes with a warranty of one year from Swisstone. There are two reasons why this brand is preferred over others. One, because of their impeccable customer support that replies every question and query within twenty-four hours. Two, Secure payment with a highly secure encrypted platform.

Skmei is a brand that focuses on four main things: precision, quality, innovation, and customer service. Skmei is a brand that was established in China in 2010 and only in ten years has it managed to branch out in different countries like India, the USA, and others. They specialize in manufacturing various types of multifunctional digital watches. Another Skmei watch on this list only proves how this brand is making its mark in India.

Comparing it to the former Skmei watch, this is much more modest and can be worn to professional events. This has a purely digital display almost similar to a smartwatch. Comparing it to Skmei MW56A Sports Analog-digital Men’s Watch, they are pretty much the same, such as their weight 70 grams and 65 grams, and their cost Rs. 430/- and Rs. 427/-, respectively.

What makes it different from the former Skmei product is that this is a classic embellishment that complements your everyday lifestyle while the other one could be considered a little flashy. This watch is designed to fit you perfectly and is durable as well.

Timewear believes not only in profits, but manufacturing a timepiece that is special, unique, and exclusive to their customers. Since 2005, they have employed expert technicians to create modern and exceptional watches. This watch is one of the favorites among youth because of its classic leather band and an appealing brown color that works with all your outfits.

It has a quintessential analog display that shows the hands on the clock instead of the digits. This one of the economical watches that you can buy for the cost of Rs. 192/- and get a generous discount of Rs. 590/- marked down from the original MRP of Rs. 800/- on Amazon, along with a thirty-day return policy and free delivery. Showcase your power with this Timewear 233WDTG statement watch!

Amazon also offers a ten-day replacement policy and a no-contact and free delivery at your home step. It has an amazing four stars on Amazon from over a thousand reviews from reviewers all over India. Timewear 233WDTG Men’s Watch comes in different dial colors such as brown, white, and blue.

This piece is the best of both worlds with the finest combination of robust and elegant. Redux Date & Time RWS0200 Men’s Watch has so many qualities, it surpasses other watches as well. It has a quartz movement, a compact case size of 38 mm, featuring day and date, a splendid dial, comes with a signature case, etc.

This is a lightweight watch weighing only 45 grams because of their delicate yet high-quality straps, flexible and soft, and provide comfort and breathability. This has an analog dial with roman numerals and golden brown finish making it look stylish. Finally, buy this for the small price of Rs. 299/- with a lavish discount from the MRP of Rs. 2,199/-. This Redux Date & Time RWS0200 Men’s Watch is considered one of the best watches for men India.

From India to Milan, Timex is a global brand popular in all metropolitan countries with unique design and creativity. They inspire countless people every day. Timex makes extraordinary watches for ordinary and everyday people. They have been in this business for generations and today their name is made synonymous with elegance and iconic designs.

Timex TW00ZR262E Men’s Watch is another analog watch with a minimalist design that appeals to the youth today. Weighing about 52 grams, this is a great product to buy for yourself or gift it to a close loved one. With a stylish blue dial for better display and sophisticated round shape, this watch should be on everyman’s wrist.

You can buy this on Amazon for Rs. 1,045/- discounted from the market price of Rs. 1,500/- and get Rs. 1,095/- off. Amazon also offers a no-contact and free delivery at your home step and ten-day replacement policy. 

Here’s a simple chart to help you understand the basic characteristics of the  best watches for men India:

ModelDisplay TypeWeightCost
Skmei MW56A Sports Analog-digital Men’s WatchDigital-Analog65 gramsRs. 427/-
Timewear 1283 Military Series Men’s WatchDigital-Analog55 gramsRs. 619/-
Redux RWS0216 Day & Date Functioning Men’s WatchAnalog45 gramsRs. 299/-
Timex Expedition MF13 Men’s WatchDigital-Analog31 gramsRs. 1,930/-
Casio Youth-Digital F-91W-1DG D002 Men’s WatchDigital140 gramsRs. 895/-
Swisstone BRW385 Men’s WatchAnalog200 gramsRs. 379/-
Skmei 1251 Black Men’s WatchDigital70 gramsRs. 430/-
Timewear 233WDTG Men’s WatchAnalog55 gramsRs. 192/-
Redux Date & Time RWS0200 Men’s WatchAnalog45 gramsRs. 299/-
Timex TW00ZR262E Men’s WatchAnalog52 gramsRs. 1,045/-

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