Best Microwave Oven

Best Microwave Oven

            A Microwave oven is an electronic device that helps to cook food with the help of electromagnetic radiation instead of using thermal energy that is usually used in regular ovens. However, one must remember the use of high-frequency radio waves for heating food during 1920.

Around the 1940s, a cavity magnetron was created that made it possible for electromagnetic waves to cook up food, that is now installed in every microwave ovens today. Later, these microwaves were used for commercial availability and then residential distribution. While shopping for best microwaves ovens remember to read up on these basic categories: capacity, size, and cost. 

Best Microwave Oven

Here’s a detailed look at the best microwave ovens in India:

Samsung’s only goal is to create the future. This underlying principle defines their vision for the future of all Samsung products. They have already made a name for themselves in the global IT industry by devoting resources and technology to create superior products. Samsung has developed microwave ovens with innovative technologies tailored to the needs of Indian people, such as Slim Fry, Tandoor Special, Hot Blast, Fruit Dry, Sun Dry, and Cook Masala.

Samsung Solo MS23J5133AG/TL Microwave Oven is ranked as number one on Amazon’s bestseller list. Consider the basic features of this microwave oven like its capacity is 23 L, which is suitable for a medium-sized family. Its dimensions are 48 x 27 x 33 cm which is small enough to put on top of a fridge or in the kitchen.

You can buy it for Rs. 5,899/- and get a generous discount of Rs. 4,791/- from the original price of Rs. 10,500/-. Other features include a Ceramic Inside that is easy to clean and won’t scratch or discolor, a Sleek Design which applies CMF design with stainless steel and of the best microwave oven.

IFB’s slogan “Set Yourself Free” refers to the freedom it allows its customers to cook healthy and eat healthily. See yourself free from all the household chores with IFB Microwave ovens. In today’s fast-paced world that allows you to do everything that your heart desires. Imagine if there was any way that would liberate you from all the time-consuming housework so that you can make time for the things that matter in life.

IFB Solo 17PM-MEC2B Microwave Oven is available in two colors: black and white. It has the capacity for 17 L, designed especially for small families or single individuals. Its dimensions are 45 x 38 x 31 cm, compact and sleek in design. You can buy it on Amazon for the price of Rs. 4,660/- on Amazon which offers a ten-day replacement policy to replace the product and a no-contact and free delivery at your home.

With Amazon, you get a ten-day replacement policy and free delivery. Other features include a three-year warranty on magnetron and one year on product,  jog dials that are easy to use, and finally three quick cooking options: cooking, reheating, defrosting. Another best microwave oven.

Bajaj is one of the most trusted brands in India and its motto is to add more comfort to your life. Bajaj plans to increase its footprint globally and in India, and they have managed to touch lives at every juncture. This brand has made arrangements with global brands from the United States of America, Switzerland, and China.

Bajaj provides the must-haves range of products for your kitchen. It’s cooking essentials include microwaves, rice cookers, induction top, gas stove, and mixer grinders. Bajaj Solo 1701 MT Microwave Oven has many features such as it’s one year warranty on product and one year warranty on magnetron, five different power levels, and a time alarm.

Its capacity is 17 L and costs Rs. 4,880/-, economical for single people. It’s dimensions are 40 x 30 x 51 cm. Enjoy cooking with this microwave cooker, you can cook, grill and defrost as well. It has a glorious rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon with over eleven hundred reviews from customers all over India. 3rd best microwave oven.

  • BPL MW20C1G Convection Microwave Oven

BPL is a company popular for making electronic products including TVs, CPAP machines, security cameras, etc. Here’s a brand name you’ve heard in a long time. BPL is still in the game with its innovative convection microwave ovens. You can easily prepare your meal with this BPL MW20C1G Convection Microwave Oven all in one go.

Do you want to cook? Do you want to bake? Do you want to reheat? You can do all of this, easily and efficiently. It has a stainless steel cavity that allows even cooking of meals, it is designed in India for seamless performance, Smart power selection, so that your food doesn’t overcook and finally Auto cook option, decide time and heat according to your various needs. It has a capacity of 20 L, its dimensions are 43 x 33 x 41 cm and you can buy it for the price of Rs. 6,920/-.

Other features include a Stainless Steel Cavity for uniform heating and perfect cooking of all dishes, Auto-cook options that can instantly calibrate time and heat all your cuisines, and a Smart Power Selection provides different power levels for various cooking functions. Fourth best microwave oven.

Amazon has made its brand that manufactures high-quality products at better prices because they know what the customers want. This is a convection oven that distributes heat evenly. It has a capacity of 23 L so that you can cook and reheat food daily for a medium-large family.  Its dimensions are 48 x 39 x 29 cm so carve out space for it in our kitchen.

You can buy this product for the price of Rs. 7,399/- from the original price of Rs. 15,999/-. Other features of AmazonBasics Convection Microwave Oven are Auto defrost option, Pre-heat function, child lock ability, and Auto cook options. Here are three more reasons which will convince you to buy this AmazonBasics Convection Microwave Oven.

One, an Auto Defrost option to thaw frozen foods of varying weights with automatically adjusted time settings. Two, Auto Cook Menus so you can forget the hassles of cooking directions with pre-set cooking time and temperature settings. Three, a Child Lock Program is installed which prevents children from operating it accidentally.

LG lives by its motto: Life’s Good. This brand is not a doctor but they care just the same. They have been awarded as India’s Most Energy Efficient convection microwave oven by BEE and Ministry of Power in 2019. LG is proud to make energy-efficient synonyms with high performance. LG has introduced new ranges of convection microwave ovens equipped with charcoal lighting heating and a healthy heart auto cook option.

Buy it quickly because all LG MC3286BRUM Convection Microwave Oven sell out as soon as they are released. Its dimensions are 53 x 31 x 52 cm that is larger in size than other convection microwave ovens. Its capacity is 32 L, which is designed for large families and heavy cooking. You can buy it for the price of Rs. 18,490/- which is the most expensive one on this list on Amazon.

Amazon also offers a no-contact and free delivery at your home and  a ten-day replacement policy to replace the product. You will want to pay more for extra features like a five-year warranty, 211 auto cook options and use less power than 230 Volts.

You know Germans are the best at making electronics. Bosch is a perfect example of that. Bosch provides the best and most speedy convection microwave ovens, because of their excellent german engineering and their combo functions. With its versatile cooking options and energy efficiency, it’s a total package.

It is one of the only few microwave ovens that have a capacity of 32 L, and its dimensions are 30 x 53 x 55 cm, so before putting it anywhere in the kitchen take some measurements. This is also one of the more expensive microwave ovens with a price range of Rs. 14,490/- reduced from the original price of Rs. 19,500/- and gets a heavy discount of Rs. 6,510/-.  Bosch is known for its unique features with seven cooking modes, a seven-year warranty and a special FryLite function.

What makes this Bosch HMB55C453X Convection Microwave Oven better than others are it comes with a free Borosil kit so you can bake, cook, store and reheat in them and a Rotisserie function to enjoy perfectly roasted food of the best microwave oven.

Godrej is an Indian product and now it is a global conglomerate. Godrej is mostly known for its Godrej Interior series, but it is just as good at making washing machines. Godrej has been in the market for sixty-two years of thoughtful appliances in India that allows you to enjoy the joy of cooking. Godrej has come with new promotional policies like providing 375 new recipes that are released on their youtube channel that you can make in Godrej GMX 519 CP1 Convection Microwave Oven.

Godrej offers a wide range of other convection microwave ovens with one-touch cooking solutions and new advanced technologies. It has a capacity of 19 L and its dimensions are 45 x 32 x 32 cm which are perfect for anyone with cooking experience ranging from amateur and expert. You can buy it at a reduced price of Rs. 7,866/-. Other features are a six-year warranty, jog, and tactile buttons and a child lock to protect your children.

Whirlpools are one of the most innovative brands out there, look at their Crisp & Bake option and 6th sense ability. From baking to crisping, and cooking to heating you can do anything with this Whirlpool MAGICOOK PRO 20SE Solo Microwave Oven. It has a large capacity of 20 L, and its dimensions are 26 x 45 x 35 cm which unlike its capacity are compact enough to fit in any place you like. You can buy it for the price of Rs. 4,990/- on Amazon from its original price of Rs. 8,500/-. This is considered one of the best microwave oven in India.

Employees of Panasonic truly believe in making a better tomorrow. In India, Panasonic has been dubbed as the hub for technological growth in the Asiatic market. The president of Panasonic India wants to take its legacy and provide solutions for its global approach. Because of the radical shift in the Indian economy, there is a constant need for high quality, technologically advanced products.

Panasonic has come with new and engaging programs to attract more customers, like adding video recipes and explaining Panasonic cooking. Panasonic NN-ST266BFDG Solo Microwave Oven offers a wholesale cooking experience, like Zero Oil Recipes, Fermentation, and Magic Grill, all these features are readily available in professional ovens, but Panasonic offers the same in their Microwave Oven.

It has a smaller capacity of 20 L, suitable for making medium-sized meals. Its dimensions are 23 x 44 x 34 cm, which is so much smaller than regular ovens. Experience the joy of oven cooking with this Panasonic microwave oven for the price of Rs. 5,490/-.

Here’s a chart to help you understand the basic features of the best microwave ovens in India:

Samsung Solo MS23J5133AG/TL Microwave Oven23 L48 x 27 x 33 cmRs. 5,899/-
IFB Solo 17PM-MEC2B Microwave Oven17 L45 x 38 x 31 cmRs. 4,660/-
Bajaj Solo 1701 MT Microwave Oven17 L40 x 30 x 51 cmRs. 4,880/-
BPL MW20C1G Convection Microwave Oven20 L43 x 33 x 41 cmRs. 6,920/-
AmazonBasics Convection Microwave Oven23 L48 x 39 x 29 cmRs. 7,399/-
LG MC3286BRUM Convection Microwave Oven32 L53 x 31 x 52 cmRs. 18,490/-
Bosch HMB55C453X Convection Microwave Oven32 L30 x 53 x 55 cmRs. 14,490/-
Godrej GMX 519 CP1 Convection Microwave Oven19 L45 x 32 x 32 cmRs. 7,866/-
Whirlpool MAGICOOK PRO 20SE Solo Microwave Oven20 L26 x 45 x 35 cmRs. 4,990/-
Panasonic NN-ST266BFDG Solo Microwave Oven20 L23 x 44 x 34 cmRs. 5,490/-

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