Best Hair Straightener in India 2021

Best Hair Straightener in India 2021 Available on amazon.

            Are you not happy with the current hairstyle that you have? Are you envious of other people who have more stylish hairstyles? Don’t be upset, buy one of these hair straighteners on this list. This list contains hair straighteners that are fitting for all hair types and also contains the most important characteristics such as temperature controls, cord length, ceramic or titanium plates, and lastly the cost. Best hair straightener in India 2021 are from brands such as Philips, Vega, Nova, and others.

Best Hair Straightener in India 2021

Let’s have a look at the additional features and detailed explanation of the best hair straightener in India 2021:

Philips India is a subsidiary of Philips Netherlands, which is a leading technology that makes the best home application products. Phillips is a brand that has made its name in all fields, such as TVs, ACs, kitchen appliances, security systems, etc.

Phillips has gained recognition not only because of their great customer service and efficient products but now they are evolving their products by giving them a nice aesthetic look as well. Do you want salon styled hair every day, but don’t have the time or money for it? Buy this Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener. Phillips is a trusted brand in India, and when you buy a Philips product, you know it’s the best of the best in the market. One of the Best Hair Straightener in India 2021.

This hair straightener has a temperature of 201 Celsius which is considered an optimal temperature for styling your hair without damaging it. It may feel like cord length is not important when buying cord length but is necessary since these need continuous electricity to work. What you want is a longer cord length for your comfort, this has a length of 1.6 meters. It has ceramic plates that are slimmer and used for uniform heating. Buy it for Rs. 1,151/- on Amazon.

Vega is the only brand that makes three in one option, which is not only straightener but also a stylist. So you can have the features of three different products in just one that is straight, curls and crimps. Vega is a one-stop destination for stylish and fluffy hair. Feel like a glamazon with this Veg 3 in 1 VHSCC-01 Hair Styler/ Straightener.

Vega makes hair straighteners for all sorts of hair whether they are thin, normal, thick, wavy, or curly. Vega 3 in 1 VHSCC-01 Hair Styler/ Straightener uses a temperature of 210 Celsius, but with ceramic coated plates. This has the longest cord length of 2.8 meters which makes it easy to use on someone’s hair or your hair. another Best Hair Straightener in India 2021.

You can buy this for the price of Rs. 1,501/- discounted from the original price of Rs. 1,799/- and get a generous discount of Rs.  298/- on Amazon. Amazon also offers a ten-day replacement policy in case you don’t like the product and a no-contact and free delivery at home. Other features include its power conserving that only uses 240 Volts option, with a 360-degree swivel cord that prevents tangles and styling switch for your ease of use.

Look like a professional with the style and sleek hair every day by yourself and in the comfort of your own home. Now get salon-like hair in the comfort of your own home with the help of this Nova NHS Professional Hair Straightener. One of the features that makes it superior to other hair straighteners because of its digital control, meaning that it automatically shuts off when plates get heated to the desired temperature.

For the price of Rs. 449/-, this is an absolute steal and you can save up to Rs. 2,395/-. This is also different since it only has a coating of ceramic and not the actual plates. This has an average cord length of 1.8 meters, which is common for almost every hair straightener.

3rd Best Hair Straightener in India 2021.Its temperature for styling is 220 Celsius which provides a quick heat option with only thirty seconds.  Nova NHS Professional Hair Straightener has a glorious rating of over four stars on Amazon from over eighteen hundred reviewers from all over India.

Do you want beautiful hair in the morning before going to work? Syska understands their customer’s concerns and has made a wide range of Hair Straighteners to solve all of your products. When excellence meets innovation, what you get is Syska products. They are the future of electric solutions to all your modern problems, they are energy-efficient, smart, and economical as well.

You can buy this on Amazon for the cost of Rs. 723/- discounted from the original MRP of Rs. 1,069/- and get a discount of Rs. 346/-. Unlike local brands, Syska installed ceramic plates instead of coating which offer a smooth glide and hassle-free. fourth Best Hair Straightener in India 2021. It has a common core length of 1.8 meters making it travel friendly because of its stylish body.

This has a higher temperature control of 230 Celsius than other hair dryers. You can also buy a more advanced version of this Syska HS6810 Hair Straightener for a slightly higher price. Amazon also offers a no-contact and free delivery at home and a ten-day replacement policy in case you don’t like the product.

Havells is a brand that has made electrical products for decades and now they have branched into grooming fields like hair straighteners, hairdryers, etc. This provides instant sleek and straight hairdo along with a beautiful body.  Havells has a step up on other brands as their products not only make smart devices but they are aesthetically pleasing.

Havells has branched into different fields such as personal grooming, house electrical, kitchen appliances. With their Make in India initiative for more distribution and access around the whole country. Havells is here to break the perception that the Hair Straighteners can only be of one type. Havells HS4101 Fast Heat Up Hair Straightener has a cord length of 1.8 meter which is easy to use every morning or whenever you are in a rush.

This has a ceramic coating plate that helps you eliminate frizz and still offers a shiny sheen, its dimensions are 25 mm and 120 mm that can take more thickness of hair. This has a temperature control of 210 Celsius that heats up on only forty-five seconds. Buy this on Amazon for Rs. 1,025/-.Best Hair Straightener in India 2021.

Philips is ahead of the game as they are providing their customers with innovative features with their hair straightener. Phillips hair care allows you to have shiny hair with KeraShine protection, which are made especially for Indian hair. The keratin provides a ceramic coating that uses less heat but provides the same shine as other brands.

Philips BHS386 KeraShine Hair Straightener has a smaller cord length than other brands that is 1.6 meter to prevent tangles. This is the most expensive straightener in this Rs. 1,899/- and comes with a two-year warranty, which other brands don’t provide, this is a good investment. Its temperature control is 210 celsius and uses intelligent heat for the best results. Philips BHS386 KeraShine Hair Straightener has been ranked amongst the best Amazon’s Choice best products.

This has an amazing rating of 4.5 stars from over two thousand reviewers all over India. Here are two more reasons why you should buy this Hair Straightener. Firstly, a Quick Ready option and has a fast heat-up time with sixty seconds. Secondly, it has an optimum styling temperature to give you perfectly styled hair. another Best Hair Straightener in India 2021.

Vega makes hair straighteners for all sorts of hair whether they are thin, normal, thick, wavy, or curly. Vega Adore VHSH-18 Hair Straightener is the obvious choice for the modern woman today that allows you to experiment with your hair every day with no consequences.

There are a plethora of reasons why you would want to buy it, such as, eco-friendly with its lesser power consumption, travel friendly because of compact size, easy lock system for your ease, 360-celsius swivel cord which is hassle-free and sixty-second quick heat up.

Now let’s have a look at the basic characteristics, it has ceramic coated plates, with a 1.8-meter cord, and has 210-celsius temperature control. Buy it for Rs. 749/- and get a heavy discount of Rs. 250/- reduced from the original price of Rs. 900/- on Amazon.

Nova has been in the game for decades and there is a major reason for it. What puts Nova NHS-840 Professional Hair Straightener superior to other brands because it provides shiny hair care with minimized heat damage. Their slogan is “Get straight hair that feels like silk” and it has the fastest heat up with thirty seconds.

Let’s have a look at the four characteristics like it has a 210 celsius, 1.8-meter cord length, and has ceramic coated titanium plates. This only weighs 300 grams and can be bought on Amazon for Rs. 599/-. Turn your bad hair day into a good hair day! Nova NHS-840 Professional Hair Straightener is considered one of the best hair straightener in India 2021.

Havells has made its name in more than fifty countries and a strong dealer network with more than ten thousand employees. This brand has more than forty branch offices with almost fourteen manufacturing branches in India itself. Havells HS4121 Wide Plate Hair Straightener looks and feels like this is a product from the future.

This comes with a temperature control option for your ease, meaning 210-230 celsius for coarse hair, 190 celsius for normal hair, and 150-170 celsius for thin hair. Additionally, it comes with a smart digital display with an LCD that helps you while using it. It has a wider heating plate that allows you to straighten your hair in less time, it allows reduced hair breakage. This is also a little bit on the expensive side with the price of Rs. 1,306/- on Amazon. Very similar to other brands, it has 1.8 meters of cord length. Big hair, don’t care with this Havells HS4121 Wide Plate Hair Straightener.

Self-grooming is an important ritual in anybody’s life, especially in India. Syska has decided to cater to the customers all over India and they have made innovative and user-friendly products. From hair trimmers to straighteners, Syska provides the best of the best products. You can stay in style with Syska HS6820 Super glam Hair Straightener. This hair straightener is named Super glam for a reason.

If you need perfectly sleek and shiny hair, this is the product for you. Syska HS6820 Super glam Hair Straightener can be bought for the price of Rs. 799/- on Amazon, it is truly value for money. It has a ceramic coated plated which is high quality along with a heat balance technology. Other features include a convenient lockable handle system which makes it earlier to carry and store. With its sleek design that is extremely appealing to the eyes. Its 360-degree swivel cord allows you the flexibility of the wrist movements for complex hairstyles.

Here’s a chart to help you understand the basic characteristics of the best hair straightener in India 2021:

ModelTemperatureCord LengthCeramic PlateCost
Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener210 Celsius1.6 metreRs. 1,151/-
Vega 3 in 1 VHSCC-01 Hair Styler/ Straightener210 Celsius2.8 metre𐄂Rs. 1,501/-
Nova NHS Professional Hair Straightener220 Celsius1.8 metre𐄂Rs. 449/-
Syska HS6810 Hair Straightener230 Celsius1.8 metreRs. 723/-
Havells HS4101 Fast Heat Up Hair Straightener210 Celsius1.8 metre𐄂Rs. 1,025/-
Philips BHS386 KeraShine Hair Straightener210 Celsius1.6 metreRs. 1,899/-
Vega Adore VHSH-18 Hair Straightener210 Celsius1.8 metre𐄂Rs. 749/-
Nova NHS-840 Professional Hair Straightener210 Celsius1.8 metre𐄂Rs. 599/-
Havells HS4121 Wide Plate  Hair Straightener230 Celsius1.8 metreRs. 1,306/-
Syska HS6820 Superglam Hair Straightener230 Celsius1.8 metre𐄂Rs. 799/-

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