Best Ceiling Fans 2020 For Home

Best Ceiling Fans 2020 only on Amazon

            Ceiling fans have roots that date back to India in the early 500 BC, originally called “pankha” which originated from “pankh” meaning the wings of a bird, referring to the air that is produced when they flap their wings. Just like any other ancient invention, they were earlier operated manually or with cords.

With the introduction of electricity, the distribution and popularization of ceiling fans increased considerably. One of the few countries that adopted the new electrically powered ceiling fans in 1882. This is one of the mundane but necessary objects of the household.

Best Ceiling Fans 2020

While going out for shopping or online, remember to look over the key features of the ceiling fans are Color, Speed, and Cost. Other things that should also be considered are Blade size, number of poles, and power consumption.

Here is a list of the best ceiling fans 2020 in India that can also be bought on Amazon:

                        Orient Electrics started in 1939, and along the journey developed and patented PSPO technology and ventured into lighting, home appliances, and switchgear business. This is an established brand that has a distribution network all across India with an organized network in four hundred and fifty cities. They are part of the Birla group and are a popularly known fan industry.

            Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan is one of the most popular products on Amazon. This is available in white color, but also brown and dark brown. This ceiling fan is a gracious companion for every season with Revolution Per Minute (RPM) of 360 which means that it provides the highest speed and 200 CMM air delivery in every corner of the room.

You can buy this for the small price of Rs. 1,399/- reduced from the original MRP of Rs. 1,840/-. Other features include are made of aluminum and measure up to 1200mm, installed with a full copper motor for durability that will work for years and years because of the efficiency and reliability. Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan is one of the best ceiling fans 2020 in India.

            Make your home an ideal hangout spot with Crompton products. They were awarded “Sabse Zyada Bachat Ke Din” with the Crompton devices like LED bulbs, mixer grinders, and motors. Crompton fans help you stay cool and comfortable at all times, and for all seasons. In a tropical country like India, Crompton has designed the most efficient fans that can cool all nooks and crannies of the room.

            This ceiling fan can be bought on Amazon for the simple price of Rs. 2,600/- and get a generous discount of Rs. 570/-. One of the most advantageous characteristics of this fan is its high speed with RPM of 410 that will allow fresh air to reach all areas of your home. Another Best Ceiling Fans 2020.

Crompton understands the aesthetic needs of the contemporary customers and therefore the ceiling fans are available in unique and distinct colors such as chicory, onyx and bracken effect, etc. Other features include an air delivery of 155 and power input of 62 Watts.

            This is a trustworthy and popular brand in India primarily known for its production of inverter batteries but they also have a wide range of electronic and innovative products in the field of power back up, solar solutions, and LED lightings. They have already made their presence known in more than thirty-six countries and have gained millions of customers all over the world. 3rd Best Ceiling Fans 2020.

            Luminous Morpheus Anti-Rust 1200mm Ceiling Fan is one of the best products in the market because of a plethora of reasons. Firstly, this ceiling fan has an RPM speed of 380 that can completely move air in medium or large-sized rooms. This can be bought for the small price of Rs. 1,349/- only on Amazon with a ten-day replacement policy and a free delivery.

Luminous Morpheus has a four-star rating on Amazon because of a lot of reasons such as its amazing quality to repel dust, so dust won’t settle on your fans and disrupt its functioning. It runs at a quick speed, and yet does not make any noise.

            Candes may not be a popular known brand but it has been in the market since 1990, with not just ceiling fans, but also a wide range of home appliances. Candes have been evolving their product line since their conception. There are three reasons why this brand has survived in this market for decades such as its use of simplicity, durability, and value for money.

            Candes Star Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling Fan is available in a classy slate black color. With a hundred percent copper windings, where is a perfect combination of elegant design and technology. This has one of the highest RPM of 400, which is the highest any ceiling fan can offer. One of the Best Ceiling Fans 2020.

Just like the Luminous Morpheus ceiling fan, it is installed with a copper motor that protects the overheating of the fans. You can buy this on Amazon for the size of Rs. 1,249/-.

            In a country like India, any type of fan whether they are ceiling, table, pedestal, or others they are stapled in every Indian household. Competing with modern technology, most Atomberg fans come with remote control from the convenience of their customers. They provide the best air circulation than any other ceiling fans on the market.

            The version of the Atomberg ceiling fan that we have chosen is the Efficio version with a super-efficient BLDC motor, saves up to Rs. 1500 on electricity bills every year, and has a sweep size of 1200mm perfect for small or medium rooms.

This fan is available in matte black, white, ivory, and brown colors to suit any of your visual needs. Paying Rs. 2,850/- for a ceiling fan with such advanced technology and an Indian brand is not an issue as they also offer a two-year warranty.

            Havells is here to break the perception that ceiling fans can only be of one type. They made fans that are exquisite, antique, modern and so many other types. Havells primarily made insulated wires and other lightning equipment. With their wide and exclusive range of ceiling fans, you can theme them with your furniture, walls, or curtains, etc.

            This ceiling fan looks like it has come out of a fancy nineteenth-century palace. With bronze and gold attachments, and it is also available in Gold mist and copper attachments. Havells also provides free installation, has a sweep size of 1200 mm that is 48 inches, and a metallic finish. Best Ceiling Fans 2020.

Although it may deliver lower RPM than other brands that are 350 with a rated frequency of 50 Hz. You can buy this for the price of Rs. 3,167/- because of its exotic blade trims, four-blade innovative design, and superior air quality.

            Do you want a special application fan? Or an exhaust fan? Or wall fans? Usha’s got you covered. They are a perfect mix of aesthetics and efficiency. Adding Usha ceiling fans complement both your lifestyle and interior decor. Usha has curated a series of ceilings known as lifestyle fans, bloom series fans, goodbye dust fans, energy-saving fans, kids fans, universal fans, etc.

This ceiling fan has a blooming design and is available in white color and looks like a lily flower. The air delivery rate is 380 RPM. Buy this for Rs. 2,794/- and get free shipping.     This fan not only looks like a floral design but also because of the strong delivery it brings with itself a wave of freshness.

Enjoy the brightness of new seasons with this Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye 1250mm Ceiling Fan. Usha is deeply inspired by nature with its design influenced by flowers such as lotus, daffodils, etc. Because of its lacquer plating, it gets difficult for gathering any dust.

            Bajaj has made ceiling fans that are dubbed as wings of revolution. Want a touch of luxury? Something with its performance redefined? You’ve got to check out the wide range of Bajaj’s series such as Anti-Germ, Disney & Marvel, Designer, and Underlight. This includes a bye-bye dust-free functions, with character design so the blades of the fan, so stylishly designed and LED lightings. Their business portfolio extends in a myriad of consumer products.

            Bajaj Frore 1200mm ceiling fan is available in three colors like white, brown, and Bianco for different prices. This is one of the few ceiling fans that has the highest RPM of 400 but only consumes power up to 56 Watts and air delivery of 205 CMM. One of the Best Ceiling Fans 2020.

Buy this for the cost of Rs. 1,499/- and is available with a two-year warranty. This ceiling fan has ribbed blades that are sturdy and improve blade stability. With a high torque motor, this fan can give you instant relaxation and comfort within seconds.

            Halonix’s selling point is Make in India. Made for India. They believe in the future and therefore all of their products are designed with advanced technological features. This brand is one of the fastest-growing companies in India, they are listed among the top ten up and coming companies because of their focus on innovation, value for money, and quality.

            This is a blaster ceiling fan that comes with a robust motor and delivers high delivery and quality of air. These blades are aerodynamically balanced that ensures better performance and offers a higher RPM of 400.

This ceiling fan is available in a beautiful chocolate brown color, with low power consumption, double ball bearings, and copper motor wire. Buy this for the shocking less price of Rs. 1,099/-, the cheapest on this list, and still installed with the best of the best functions.

            With bold ideas, the young company has outdone themselves, they understand that the future is smart and they are building it. Customer focus, constant innovation, and relentless execution are the three values that they stand by. SMART homes are the necessity of today, and Ottomate is the choice brand for you. Your home is the place where you spent most of your time, make this a place to hangout worthwhile. These ceiling fans are elegantly designed that enhance the aesthetics of your house while at the same time, ensuring great comfort.

            Ottomate is a smart ceiling fan but that doesn’t mean that they have to be expensive. These are affordable within your reach with a price of Rs. 2,499/- and that is a discounted price from the original MRP of Rs. 4,199/-. It has an RPM of 310 that delivers cool air all over the room.

You match your decor needs and they are available in colors such as Angel White, Champagne Gold, Indie Blue, Royal Copper that will match with your room decor. Ottomate 4 Blade 1250mm Ceiling Fan is considered one of the best ceiling fans 2020.

Here is a simple chart of the best ceiling fans 2020 in India highlighting the three most important key features, available on Amazon:

ModelColorSpeed (RPM)Cost
Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling FanWhite360Rs. 1,399/-
Crompton Aura Prime Anti Dust 900mm Ceiling FanBrown410Rs. 2,600/-
Luminous Morpheus Anti-Rust 1200mm Ceiling FanWhite380Rs. 1,349/-
Candes Star Anti Dust 1200mm Ceiling FanBlack400Rs. 1,249/-
Atomberg Efficio BLDC Motor 1200mm Ceiling FanBlack400Rs. 2,850/-
Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling FanBronze350Rs. 3,167/-
Usha Bloom Daffodil Goodbye 1250mm Ceiling FanWhite380Rs. 2,794/-
Bajaj Frore 1200mm Ceiling FanWhite400Rs. 1,499/-
Halonix Blaster High Speed 1200mm Ceiling FanBrown400Rs. 1,099/-
Ottomate 4 Blade 1250mm Ceiling FanWhite310Rs. 2,499/-

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