Best Projector in India


Best Projector in India


We all are a fan of watching web series and sports on your TV then you also must have thought to watch it even on a bigger screen

So I started my research to buy an affordable projector for the room. Yes, a projector which is used to be a high budget product And additionally, most of us don’t want to invest so much in a projector as we already have a television in every Indian home.

 A ‘Projector’ is a technology which is being used in almost all high-class and medium-class schools and colleges all over the world for teaching purpose. The use of projectors has made a human’s life easy and convenient as it can also be used for various other purposes like watching a video/movie/web series, for giving presentations, etc. apart from teaching.

Types Of Projectors

The LCD projector is less expensive. The LCD projector is ideal if you are using it in a small room. The most common use of these LCD projectors is in conference rooms, private theatres, small training centers, etc. The working behind the LCD projectors is quite simple. The LCD projectors reflect only a selected number of lights using polarized mirrors

Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors are ideal for larger projection spaces. A DLP projector is further classified into two types, a 1-chip variant and a 3-chip one. These projectors are capable of producing more than 35-trillion colors respectively and give a very high picture quality. This feature makes the projector capable of producing almost lifelike images. It is mostly used in movie theatres where picture quality is the first concern


EGATE i9 LED HD Projector HD Display

With European design, can change your living room in a multiplex, the EGATE i9 LED, LCD home projector displays true color, HD images with optimized brightness and contrast ratio, which ensures maximum enjoyment to the family and complete theatre-like experience.

EGATE projector is easy to install, will provide the largest possible picture inside the home, and it can even deliver smaller images in the substitution of television that occupies more space. It will give you the experience with a high-end home theatre which boasts of HD screen and 16k plus colors.

EGATE is a smart projector, which can take a video/photo from a device and stream it at 3 meters large screen. You just have to plug in your data through pen drive or HDD or MSD and then you can watch movies, pictures, or listen to music.Hence it is one of the Best Budget projector in India.

Sony Compact Pocket-size Mobile Projector (MP-CD 1)


This pocket-sized projector from SONY is an ideal projector for business professionals, gamers, or movie fans. The Mobile projector has a powerful ANSI 105-lumen feature that provides dynamic and bright pictures. It is also compatible for use with media-streaming dongles, smartphones, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Useable for business presentations, weekend parties, or any outdoor events, this Sony projector is a portable projector, which you have always searched for. The projector also comes with an automatic keystone correction feature which will enable you to place it directly on a table without any need for a tripod to project a full-screen display. Hence it is one of the Best Budget projector in India.

Epson Projector(EB-S41 SVGA)


 Epson’s projector is the one that enables you to view and access your most frequently used functions immediately on the large screen.

Irrespective of the source screen, you can see the source information at a glance on the home screen with the wireless connections, which have never been so easier. The projector is ideal for meeting and conference rooms, which is affordable and multi-functional, loaded with features that present amazing images.

Epson projector offers stunning colors and white brightness of up to 3300 lumens which gives crystal clear images. This large home screen brings all commonly used functions together for easy selection. one of the best budget projector.

EGATE i9 LED HD Android And WIFI Projector

EGATE has another best projector to offer, but this time a LED android all in one projector, which eliminates the need for a separate laptop because this projector can be used to browse the net, check emails, watch movies and many other things which we do on our laptops.

This EGATE i9 LED, the LED projector has an inbuilt HD screen resolution with more than 16 thousand color options. It comes with a pre-designed and in-built picture and movie mode to choose the best as per your choice, where the brightness, contrast, and color mode can be changed manually. The world of internet is on your i9 remote which is added with Quad-Core processor CPU, WIFI, and Android OS. 

 AUN VIVABRIGHT Mini HD Projector(C80)


The AUN Vivabright LED projector is best suitable for video entertainment and home theatre at your home. With the comfort and convenience of your home, you can enjoy movies, series, videos, pictures, and many more things on this projector which can also give HD quality pictures.

Undoubtedly this projector provides a better watching and entertainment experience than your normal TV. It is also suitable in conference use too since it offers a perfect PPT wireless view, which makes it your best partner both for work and fun.

As a home theatre, this LCD projector produces a crystal clear vivid image. It also has built-in speakers to give you the chills and thrills of a home multiplex. The portable projector has an auto keystone correction feature which is aimed to provide a seamless watching experience to viewers for hours. Hence it is one of the Best Budget projector in India.

EGATE i9 LED HD Projector

This European designed EGate i9 projector is simply an unmatchable projector for a home in India which also offers true color, clear HD images with optimized brightness and contrast, and which offers maximum enjoyment.

This projector is very easy to install, which provides the largest possible pictures inside homes with an extra feature of producing even smaller images that can take the place of a television.

For that, you just have to plug in your USB pen drive or Hard Disk of up to 1 TB and enjoy playing by streaming directly. This EGate projector boasts of native HD screen resolution and 16k plus color options.

The high-quality LCD panel is unmatched in the industry to give a very clear image and detailing. It has a pre-designed and in-built picture and movie mode to choose from, which can be customized per your choice. 

Epson LCD Projector (EB-X05 XGA)

Create the big screen experience by this Epson projector, which can be used for both entertainment and business presentation. It throws out equally high white and color light with 3,300 lumens output. This Epson XGA projector is surely not be missed because of its affordability and high-tech quality. Hence it is one of the Best Budget projector in India.

This Projection System offers 3 LCD technology and an RGB liquid crystal shutter.

And It has a resolution of XGA, 1024 x 768, 4:3 Lamp: UHE, 210 W; approx 6000 hours durability in general and 10,000 hours durability when in economy mode.

With some many amazing functions, this projector is best suited for your home.

Jicson Portable Wifi Projector(J33)

Jicson J33 Wifi projector is the one that best suits your fun, entertainment, commercial, and gaming needs. It is a perfect product for everyone of different generations and ages because it can be connected with smartphone, laptop, DTH, and HD setup box, which enables you to watch all your favorite TV shows, movies at the leisure of your home and this huge screen. 

Jicson is compatible with both Android and iOS software phones, which enables you to enjoy your favorite videos or memories on this huge screen. It can also be connected with DTH and HD setup box which makes binge-watching your favorite series and movies possible on your couch.

It is compatible with HDMI, USB, AV, AUX, VGA, SD Card, Wifi display and its image size can be increased up to 120 inches.


Another best projector, QAWACHHA has to offer a European styled LED, LCD home projector which displays true color, crystal clear HD images with optimized brightness and contrast ratio to give you the ultimate theatre-like entertainment. This projector will surely change your home ambiance once you start watching videos, movies, images on it.

It is easy to install and operate. And this Qawachha’s LED HD projector shows images in the largest possible size and the best quality. Hence it is one of the Best Budget projector in India.

The led projector has a lifespan of more than 20k hours and the projection size ranges from 34 to 130 inches. This projector has Power 55w Max, Output 3.5 mm earphones, Lens focal length of 125mm. The projector even supports HDMI and VGA.

It has functions that support orthographic projection, rear projection, and hoisting. The wireless projection supports all kinds of PC, laptop, smartphone, pen drive, etc.

In this article, we have covered a large number of Best Budget projector in India. projectors ranging from high end to low end, a high price to low price, various projection types, some unique features and majority common features found in all the project or choosing one of the projectors from any of these will be a great choice for you and your family for a complete theatre-like experience.

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