Best Air Purifiers In India

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Best Air Purifiers In India

The recent increase in air pollution in India has jolted people into thinking about their respiratory health. Out in the world, you can put on a mask but indoors you need something much more proficient. The air purifier market has grown in the last few months. It is predicted to increase by 42% more by 2024. From being a solitary product rarely visible at certain offices or fancy restaurants, air purifiers have become a necessity in every household.

Now public places like government hospitals, schools, and colleges along with corporate offices and embassies all depend on having one air purifier or many more. And Best Air Purifiers in India are delivering by, from Phillips to Xiaomi, there is an overabundance of air purifiers to choose from. 

    While out shopping, please remember the four characteristics essential to air purifiers like their airflow, CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), Warranty and Price. Airflow refers to the rate at which the air flows, it is measured according to the size of the room in square feet. CADR’s strength is measured in cubic meters per hour. Higher the CADR number, better the air filtration. Since it requires regular filter changes, check out their warranties as well. Their price ranges from Rs. 6,500/- and Rs. 40,000/-.

Here are the Top 10 Best Air Purifiers in India:

  1. Philips AC 3256/20
  2. Honeywell Air Touch i8-42W
  3. Philips AeraSense AC 2887/20
  4. Xiaomi 2C
  5. Coway Sleek Pro AP – 1009
  6. Dyson Pure Cool AP Model DP04
  7. Xiaomi Air Purifier 3
  8. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03
  9. TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier 
  10. Daikin MC76

Let’s have a detailed look at the top ten air purifiers in India:

  1. Phillips AC 3256/20

One of the Best Air Purifiers in India Phillips is considered a trusted brand in India and its AC 3256/20 Air Purifier delivers the same assurance which is symbiotic with the brand name. With its intelligent filter, it removes 99.99% of pollen and dust particles from the air. It has an airflow of 311 square feet, perfect for a medium/ large room. With a warranty of two years and CADR of 393 m3/hour, it can purify the room in just eight minutes. With a price of Rs. 25,199/-, it is a steal for a purifier installed with advanced technologies. 

  1. Honeywell Air Touch i8-42W

Honeywell Air Touch i8-42W is a product of the Honeywell corporation which is part of the best Fortune hundred companies. Its filter has a life of three thousand hours, meaning it can work for eight hours daily. It has an airflow of 235 square feet ideal for a living room and with a CADR of 300 m3/hour, it is efficient and versatile. Rs. 14,699/- is a price of Honeywell Air Touch i8-42W and a warranty of one year. 

  1. Philips AeraSense AC 2887/20

Best Air Purifiers in India is Philips AeraSense AC 2887/20 air purifier dedicated to cleaning not only air pollution but also pollens, dust particles, allergen, viruses, and bacteria as well. It has a HEPA filter, one of the most competent filters for the latest air purifiers. With a price of Rs. 15,599/- it can save you money in the long run because of its energy efficiency. A warranty of two years, an airflow of 441 sq. ft and a CADR rating of 333 m3/hr, you can personalize it and upgrade the purification of your home.

  1. Xiaomi 2C

Xiaomi understands what its customers want, and it delivers. They make 360 degrees air intake, a true HEPA filter, and an indicator that shows the room air quality. It has an airflow of 452 Sq Ft and a CADR rating of 350 m3/h, it cleans the air with an efficiency of 99.7%. With a warranty of one year and the price of Rs. 6,499/-, it is one of the cheapest air purifiers on this list. Xiaomi 2C is engineered for small-income households but has the performance productivity of high-cost air purifiers. 

  1. Coway Sleek Pro AP – 1009

Coway is a Korean company breaking into the Indian market with one of their best products. Coway Sleek Pro AP – 1009 is installed with HEPA technology which is BAF certified and one-touch airspeed control. With a flow of 355 sq. ft perfect for master bedrooms and CADR of 303 cubic m/hr makes it superior to others. With a warranty of five years, and a price of Rs. 16,900/-, it can bring down air pollution to the lowest. It not only purifies but also deodorizes the room. 

  1. Dyson Pure Cool AP Model DP04

Dyson Pure Cool AP Model DP04 is certified by AAFA  (Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America) and can clean air particles as small as 0.1 microns. With a sense and a display screen that detects pollutants in the air. This purifier has the highest CADR of 1400 cubic m/hr and with a price of Rs. 39,900/- it is also the most expensive. It is installed with 350 degrees oscillation and energy-efficient that only consumes 40W. Two years of warranty and 450 sq.ft. is the airflow that makes this air purifier the Best Air Purifiers in India.

  1. Xiaomi Air Purifier 3

This purifier is energy efficient and only uses 38W of power consumption and has three layers of filter for purification. It can be controlled with a simple mobile app and also has a LED display with a touch control panel. It has an airflow of 484 sqft and a CADR of 380 m3/h, very similar to the other Xiaomi air purifier, 2C. With a warranty of one year and costs only Rs. 11,390/- it can detect air pollution with lesser noise levels. It works with Amazon Alexa and Google’s assistant. 

  1. Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03

Stylish to look at and from an efficient product, Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03 removes 99.9% of the pollutants from the air and it also circulates purified air across the room. With a glass HEPA filter and a 360 degrees oscillation. It costs Rs. 29,900/- and has a CADR of 1300 m3/hr, the highest on the list. With its ability to flow as far as 350 sq.ft. and a warranty of two years, this is one air purifier to look out for. 

  1. TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier 

Tefal is primarily known for kitchenware, it also makes some of the best air purifiers in India. Tefal Intense Pure Air XL reduces air pollution and harmful carcinogens as well. This is a high-performance air purifier with four layers of filtration. You can put this purifier anywhere in our home and enjoy its performance with a flow of 861 sq. ft. and a warranty of two years. It makes a safer and cleaner environment with a CADR of 310 CMH for the price of Rs. 17,999/-.

  1. Daikin MC76

Best Air Purifiers in India is Daikin MC76 is a powerful air purifier ideal for homes as well as offices. WIth HEPA technology and an ECO mode are attracts the attention of buyers. Enabled with smart technology, it is hassle-free to manage. With a warranty of one year, this air purifier is on the cheaper side with the cost of only Rs. 13,399/-. It has a CADR rating of 260 CMH and flows across the room up to 538 Sq. Ft.

Here are 10 Best Air Purifiers in India:

ModelAir FlowWarrantyCADRPrice
Phillips AC 3256/20311 sq.ft2 year393 cu m/hourRs. 25,199/-
Honeywell Air Touch i8-42W236 sq.ft1 year300 cu m/hrRs. 14,699/-
Philips AeraSense AC 2887/20441 sq.ft2 year333 cu m/hrRs. 15,599/-
Xiaomi 2C452 sq.ft1 year350 cu m/hrRs. 6,499/-
Coway Sleek Pro AP – 1009355 sq.ft 5 year303 cu m/hrRs. 16,900/-
Dyson Pure Cool AP Model DP04450 sq.ft.2 year1400 cu m/hrRs. 39,900/-
Xiaomi Air Purifier 3484 sq.ft1 year380 cu m/hrRs. 11,390/-
Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower TP03350 sq.ft2 year1300 cu m/hrRs. 29,900/-
TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier 861 sq.ft2 year310 cu m/hrRs. 17,999/-
Daikin MC76538 sq.ft1 year260 cu m/hrRs. 13,399/-

  Indoor air purifiers can create a safe air bubble for you in your own house. Not many people realize that indoor air can be polluted too, whether you’re in a restaurant, office or home. Install an air purifier today! There are purifiers for small or big rooms, economical and high-priced, six-month warranty to two-year warranty. Air purifiers on this list are stylish and compact which reduces air pollution along with allergens and harmful carcinogens. Stop and take a deep breath…of fresh, unpolluted air!


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